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Diversity, Equity, + Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, + Inclusion – a critical mindset valuing and making an effort to include people from all backgrounds in a warm and welcoming SUNY Poly community.

Enabling Dreams Through the Educational Opportunity Program
SUNY Poly provides opportunities for all students who have the talent and drive to succeed to ensure they are not excluded from higher education. Learn more about the grant-funded Education Opportunity Program at SUNY Poly, an initiative enabling access and equity through a boost of assistance that can light the way toward a bright future. 
Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)
Learn more about the CSTEP program, powered by Student Services and  enabling science and technology-based opportunities for SUNY Poly students. 
Services to Empower People with Disabilities
Obtain information about how SUNY Poly can provide you with academic accommodations, learn about what documents you might need to provide so that SUNY Poly can help you succeed, and connect with the Disabilities Services Office to find out more here.
Benefits for Those Who Have Served  
For those students who served in the armed forces – SUNY Poly aims to do its part by serving you, providing the assistance that you or your family may need as you pursue academic success. Learn more about how to connect with staff who are focused on getting you the answers you need. 

SUNY Poly Bias Report Form

For more information, contact:

Dr. Mark Montgomery, PhD
Chief Diversity Officer

(315) 792-7338

A Message from the Chief Diversity Officer

It is with pleasure that I extend a greeting to you during this fall semester. As a proud alum and Wildcat of SUNY Poly, I am excited to be a part of a journey during unprecedented times. As the Chief Diversity Officer and alum, I find it a priority to hear the stories of all who are fortunate enough to attend SUNY Poly.

As a student, my time here was filled with academic, personal, and professional growth. I wish the same for you. This semester, I have made an effort to continuously walk the campus to meet as many people as I can. This effort continues. I would encourage you to reach out to me and “paint me your story” and journey here at SUNY Poly, as part of a robust conversation surrounding ensuring that we continue to have an equitable and inclusive environment laced with civility.

My vision is something SUNY Poly taught me. To value education is one thing. To aspire and inspire by our actions versus our intentions are others. To take our academic journey and turn that into meaningful and positive social change is something I hold dear.

Personal & academic excellence awaits our new students and is enjoyed and valued by the entire campus community. As we trudge forward during interesting times, remember my mantra of “take someone with you,” which has been a cornerstone of my journey in academic leadership.

I encourage you to join me…go Wildcats!

Dr. Mark Montgomery


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